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Skip N Scot Ranch is a family-owned horse farm located in the High Rockies of Colorado. Since 2006, Carole and Glen McNitt have been breeding pure Skipper W Quarter Horses, with the same exceptional qualities that Hank Wiescamp started in the 1940s: beauty, disposition, and athleticism. Our mares are carefully selected and bred to produce the best possible offspring, and we take pride in our dedication to the health and well-being of our horses. At Skip N Scot Ranch, we offer a range of services, from breeding and training to boarding and sales. Contact us today to learn more about our farm and how we can help you with your equine needs.


Our stallions are the finest examples of Skipper W Quarter Horses, and we offer exceptional breeding services that will help you produce the best possible offspring. With our experienced team and top-quality facilities, we can ensure that the breeding process is safe, effective, and stress-free for your mare. We also offer training and boarding services for stallions, as well as sales of top-quality breeding stock. Visit us at Skip N Scot Ranch to see our stallions in person and learn more about our breeding program.

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